Quit and Get Fit: I’d love to go back next week!


FEATURED BLOG: Quit4Life | By Anna Trevelyan

anna quit and get fit

I work for Quit4Life, Hampshire’s NHS stop smoking service, and I was excited to hear about a new free course running with the local fire service to encourage local people to ‘Quit and Get Fit’!


Aside from my obvious excitement about visiting the fire station (amongst the fire engines and actual real firefighters!) was a very slight concern that the session would be a bit hardcore for me. I’ve not done circuit training since school (and I still had an image in my head from a TV series where the instructors yell “drop and give me ten!”) but I got to go along with some of my lovely colleagues to have a little Quit and Get Fit taster session.

And I absolutely loved it!

We were met by a very jolly fireman who talked us through the Quit and Get Fit programme and what would happen. This is the part where our lovely Quit4Life advisers would speak to our quitters about how to go about giving smoking, and all the support they have on offer to help each individual to achieve it in the best way for them.


We then went down to a large indoor area which was set up with various activities for us to try. We met our little group’s instructor, a muscular and kind gentleman who made us feel instantly at ease. He explained that it wasn’t about competition – circuit training was about YOU doing your best, or however much you wanted to do – and that he was there to help. Having accidentally turned up in my skinny jeans this immediately made me feel much happier, as I could certainly not compete with some of my exercise-savvy colleagues!


The music started, we each grabbed a water bottle and off we went. We did short 30 second bursts, followed by a rest (/quick gossip) and moved onto the next activity. One of the best parts was that you never got bored, as the stints were so short, and the activities themselves ranged from the rowing machine, to lifting a weight and throwing it down, to waggling some very long hoses (puns aside, it was actually a lot harder than it looked)! All the way along our instructor was there to help and advise, and I never once felt worried about not keeping up. We all went at our own pace, and it was one of the most accessible and fun exercise classes that I have been to in a very long time.

I have a newfound respect for the firefighters, after hearing all about the many community projects they support – Quit and Get Fit with Quit4Life being just one of them. I would encourage anyone who is considering giving up smoking to sign up and give it a go. There is a brand new 10 week course starting on 25th April in Havant. It’s a fantastic opportunity with some truly inspiring people, you will feel instantly supported, and it really will make your day. I’d love to go back next week!

Anna Trevelyan


Call Quit4Life to find out more and to book your place on the next FREE Quit And Get Fit course – starting on Tuesday 25th April at Havant Fire Station. Tel: 01252 335120

HAVANT Q4L Get Fit A5 Flyer-page-001


Feeling inspired to start your smoke-free future?

Phone: 0845 602 4663 or 01252 335120

e-mail: quit4life@nhs.net



Any views expressed in this article are entirely my own and not necessarily those of my employer


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