‘Quit and Get Fit’ success in Rushmoor!

Quit & Get Fit quitters

Quit4Life Quit and Get Fit quitters after completing the course run by Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service

Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service recently partnered with Quit4Life, the local NHS stop smoking service, to offer a revolutionary pilot scheme to help Hampshire people to give up smoking whilst achieving a healthier lifestyle.

Smokers signed up to the free 10 week ‘Quit and Get Fit’ course, run by the fire service together with Quit4Life, which offered weekly support and medication to give up smoking followed by an exciting exercise class run by the firefighters.

Louise Fuller, Specialist Adviser at Quit4Life who helped run the weekly sessions, said: “We have a lovely group of clients and as [we] join in with the exercise programme too we have really come together as a group.  It is so rewarding watching the clients taking positive control of their quit, and really throwing themselves into the exercise programme . . . we’ve laughed together and cried laughing together.  For me watching the clients grow more and more confident, and the whole positivity of the group, is all part of why I love the job.”

Station Manager, David Hodge, said: “The Fire and Rescue Service is excited to be able to work with Quit4Life in this new and innovative approach to helping people to quit smoking and increasing their fitness levels. We have always had a goal to make Hampshire safer; however we are now working with partners to make Hampshire healthier.”


Quit4Life would like to congratulate all our successful quitters, who have not only given smoking the boot but have also embarked upon new healthier lifestyles, having grown their confidence with the support of the Quit and Get Fit course.

We look forward to hearing how you all get on on the next local fun run!



Feeling inspired to start your smoke-free future?

Phone: 0845 602 4663 or 01252 335120

e-mail: quit4life@nhs.net




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