Inside Quit4Life!

quit4life-logo      new 2017 Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust RGB BLUE 2Inside one of the Quit4Life offices, Hampshire’s NHS stop smoking service, the phone line is ringing, the sound of social media and email message notifications are pinging through the air, and the team all give a friendly welcome with an offer of tea to whomever enters the door.

Quit4Life are about to turn 10 years old this summer, and every member of staff are dedicated to helping those who WANT to quit smoking to stop for good. Each person shares a genuine passion for helping others to improve their health and their future, and the feeling of compassion and optimism can’t help but shine through in every interaction the team have with each and every client.

Julie Spencer-Jones, Senior Stop Smoking Adviser at Quit4Life, confirms how much she enjoys helping people to improve their lives when they decide to quit smoking:

“I decided to move into smoking cessation from my previous job as it was still a way of meeting people but a great opportunity to help them make positive changes. It was 15 years ago that I started in this role, and I still love helping people to make a very positive change in their lives. In fact, this usually leads to all sorts of other things for them when they quit.

“The great thing about stopping smoking is that you see very positive changes very quickly. We help people to re-gain control and, once they do, they are able to take on all manner of other exciting things!”

One of Quit4Life’s clients who managed to stop smoking using the free NHS service was Trefor. Both he and his mother gave up smoking together, and he hasn’t looked back since. Having lost weight since quitting smoking, Trefor has now embarked upon a new fitness regime and says he feels better than he has done for years. In fact, he’s now signed up for the Winchester Half Marathon this year!

“I feel great and would really recommend others to see a Quit4Life Adviser for help to quit” said Trefor. “It’s one of the hardest things I’ve done but by far the most rewarding.”

Trefor & Janet Farmer 1favourite

Trefor and his mum – both smoke-free and slimmer since giving up smoking with Quit4Life

And it’s not just the 10 year celebration preparations that are going on – there are plenty of exciting new innovations to help smokers who want to kick the habit, in addition to the many clinics Quit4Life run throughout Hampshire.

Quit4Life have recently teamed up with Hampshire Fire and Rescue service to offer Quit and Get Fit courses at various areas across Hampshire, which provide support and medication to stop smoking as well as a fitness programme run by local Fire Fighters. Quit4Life also work with schools and workplaces, and offer many different forms of support.

Anna Trevelyan, Marketing Officer at Quit4Life, says the best thing about the service is that you will be listened to when you contact the service:

“There is no judgement at all. The team don’t preach or criticise – they are simply there to help those who want help. It doesn’t matter how much you smoke, how many times you’ve tried to give up before, or how old you are – if you want to ditch the cigarettes, or are considering switching to vaping, our experienced Advisers are here to help. Many of our team have experienced the problems first-hand, so you can be assured of a listening ear. It’s great meeting successful quitters who have gone on to achieve really fantastic things once they go smoke-free!”

It will be exciting to see what the next 10 years will hold for Quit4Life and their clients both past and present!


If you’d like free help, support and medication to give up smoking contact Quit4Life today:

Tel: 01252 335120





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