How to avoid temptation: staying smoke-free through summer and beyond

Picture1Many of us have been there – you’ve given something up, you’re doing well, and then suddenly you’re surrounded by people enjoying themselves and temptation creeps in. This is very normal, and if you are quitting smoking there ARE ways to stay smoke-free even when you’re around others who are lighting up.

Some of our quitters have shared their top tips to avoiding temptation this summer, even when you’re on holiday or spending time with friends and family who smoke:


– Change what drink you drink when you go out (if you usually have wine, try a G&T for example)

– Fruit juice makes cigarettes taste less appealing (see why here) so try drinking juice-based drinks instead

– Hang out with the non-smokers!

– Take something with you to distract you – sugar free sweets, gum, fidget spinner etc


– Pop a spare NRT mouth spray (or gum) in your bag

– Try to relax! Practice a simple breathing exercise

– If you’re sitting in a group, encourage everyone to sit indoors (or in a non smoking area outside e.g. on the terrace close to the building), so people aren’t smoking around you


– Remember a craving won’t last long – it will be over in under 5 minutes – so do something else to distract you until it passes. Have a quick walk around, call a friend, play a quick game on your phone, go to the bar and ask for a glass of water etc. Take a deep breath!

– Every time you DON’T have a cigarette, mentally (or physically) put some cash aside to treat yourself to something nice afterwards

– Remind yourself why you quit in the first place. Make a note on a piece of paper, or on your phone, and look back at it. Or, work out how many hours you’ve been quit for so far…this might take 5 minutes, by which time your craving should have passed and you can carry on enjoying yourself, smoke-free!


We also have a ‘staying quit’ section on our website with more helpful tips at Quit4Life. This also includes a plan you can print off and fill in – planning ahead makes it much easier when the time comes around, to avoid temptation.

Good luck, and congratulations on all you’ve achieved so far. You CAN do it – and remember – you are stronger than your cravings!

cravings quote


Struggling a little? Check out our top quit tips.

Or contact Quit4Life on 0845 602 4663 or 01252 335120.





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