Want an extra 3K a year? #DitchOrSwitch and save

Many of us would love a £3,000 bonus, or to win £3,000 in cash. But let’s face it – it’s probably not going to happen.

One real way to instantly enjoy an extra *3K every year is to quit smoking. The cost can really mount up, and some households are spending the equivalent of a mortgage on cigarettes – that’s thousands of pounds literally up in smoke every year.

Cigarettes are so over

Quit4Life are here to help those in Hampshire who would like to ditch the cigarettes. We offer free NHS help and support, and can supply stop smoking medications – FREE if you are exempt from prescription charges (and at a reduced cost if you do).

Ditch or switch and saveYou may also like to consider making the switch to vaping. E-cigarettes (or vapes) are some of the most popular ways to quit smoking successfully, and are 95% safer than smoking tobacco. They’re also cheaper (see Sandi’s story to find out more). Quit4Life will soon be able to offer an innovative vaping voucher scheme, to help those who would like to switch to e-cigarettes to quit smoking tobacco. Ask us today about signing up to receive a £25 voucher for your vaping starter kit.

With our help you are four times more likely to succeed in going smoke-free. #DitchOrSwitch the cigarettes and enjoy better health and more wealth, with help from Quit4Life!

Contact Quit4Life today to start your smoke-free savings!


*Average saving of £3,120 for someone smoking 20 cigarettes per day. Calculate the cost of your smoking here



Feeling inspired to start your smoke-free future?

Phone: 0845 602 4663 or 01252 335120

e-mail: quit4life@nhs.net



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