Health Professionals: Save a life – refer to Quit4Life

Are you a health professional, teacher, public sector worker, volunteer, or have contact with people in the community? Do you have patients or service users who currently smoke? If they would like to give up (perhaps before an operation, to benefit their overall health or to protect others around them) please don’t forget to refer them to Quit4Life – the free NHS stop smoking service.

It’s quick and easy to refer service users to Quit4Life. The easiest way is to visit our website. Here you can fill out the short online form, or download a referral form to send back to us directly.

Alternatively you can call us on 01252 335120, or email us securely at We will then contact them directly within 2 working days.

Stopping smoking brings instant health benefits for both the patient, and those around them. Why not read some of our case studies, of people who have changed their lives after successfully giving up smoking?

Watch the latest Quit4Life video with Southern Health’s Dean Garrett, who regularly refers to Quit4Life, on how a referral can really benefit service users.

It only takes a few minutes to change a smoker’s life – please refer to Quit4Life.

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