Steps to a Smoke Free Home and Car

A home or car is smoke free when no one EVER smokes in them, with no exceptions to this rule.

It’s easy to make your car and home smoke free and you may find you reduce the amount you smoke by doing so. Below are some simple steps that you can take to make your home and car smoke free:

For your home:

  • Let your family and friends know non-smoking-2367409_1920in advance that you plan on making your home smoke free. This avoids awkward situations when they arrive and light up inside.
  • Thoroughly clean your home to try and remove traces of smoke from fabrics and soft furnishings. This is healthier for children and once you’ve done it you will be less likely to want to make it smelly again.
  • Place an old coat, shoes and umbrella by the door (preferably in a covered outside area) to make it easier for you to go outside, regardless of the weather.
  • When you go outside, if it is safe to do so, close the door behind you. If you cannot close the door, make sure you move at least 7 steps away from it to prevent smoke filtering back inside.
  • When you come back inside, wash your hands and don’t kiss the kids for 20 minutes to prevent them being exposed to the toxins which remain on your breath.

For your car:

It is illegal to smoke in vehicles with someone under 18 present. This law helps protect children from the dangers of secondhand smoke. To make your car smoke free you should:

  • NEVER smoke in the car, even when you have no passengers. This prevents the car-1865856_1920chemicals in the smoke from getting into the fabric of the car seats.
  • Clean out any ashtrays, lighters and cigarettes. Get an air freshener and thoroughly valet your car so that is like new. This way you are less likely to want to make it smelly again.
  • Clean children’s car seats where covers are removable.
  • If you would normally associate driving with a cigarette, put some sweets or snacks in the glove box to distract you if you find yourself craving in a traffic jam.

If you are considering quitting smoking, contact NHS Quit4Life Stop Smoking Service for support.



Feeling inspired to start your smoke-free future?

Phone: 0845 602 4663 or 01252 335120




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